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Real Estate Sales

Our land, residential, and commercial real estate sales services is one of the best in the area.  Schultis & Son, Inc. has been on the cutting edge in marketing real estate.  We were the first firm in the area to have a website, property videos, and drone footage.  In addition, we strive to provide honest advice and be by our clients side throughout the entire sale process.  When buying or selling real estate, call the most trusted, locally owned and operated real estate company since 1936.


Live, Online, & Simulcast Auctions

We offer our clients the most comprehensive auction services in the area including live only, online only, and simulcast auctions.  Our online only consignment auctions are a great way to liquidate your assets regardless of quantity.  Contact us today to talk about which option is best for you!


AuctionTime Online Equipment Auctions

Being representative for AuctionTime, we can help you sell 1 to 100’s of pieces on AuctionTime!  Call Justin at 402-300-1230 to sell your equipment.


Personal Property Appraisals

Whether settling an estate, divorce, or simply acquiring an asset, we provide in-depth personal property appraisals for 1 to thousands of assets.


Property Management

Do you rent farmland, commercial, or residential property and don’t want the hassle of screening and selecting tenants, managing repairs, and collecting rent?  If so, give us a call! 





Schultis & Son Inc. was founded by Roy and Irvin Schultis in 1936. The company was established to provide honest, ethical and quality auction services to the public. Irvin served as the owner until his retirement in 1990. At that time, Irvin’s son Wayne, took over the reins and served as president and C.E.O. Wayne’s wife Linda serves as office manager, clerk and secretary/treasurer until 2017. In 1985, Aaron, Wayne and Linda’s son joined the family business. Aaron is a Registered Real Estate Appraiser, Broker, and auctioneer. In 1997, Aaron’s wife, Lisa began her career as a real estate sale person. Lisa was a million dollar producer who put a hold on her real estate career to pursue other interests. In 2004, the legacy continued as Aaron and Lisa’s son, Justin began auctioneering at the age of just 13. Justin is a naturally talented auctioneer who has won several bid calling contests despite the fact that he has had no formal auctioneer training.  In June of 2019 Adam Schultis, Aaron and Lisa’s youngest son, graduated from World Wide College of Auctioneering.  This makes two fourth generation auctioneers for Schultis & Son, Inc.


We offer the most modern of “on site” auction equipment including an auction topper with built-in speakers, mobile clerking office, flat beds, tables and of course, portable restrooms. We also have an enclosed trailer and truck that we offer to move items to the auction site or to move personal property when you buy or sell a home with our firm. This is a free service that we are pleased to provide to our valued customers.


Schultis and Son offers a user friendly web site. Our site offers information and a photographic tour of each home we list. Upcoming auction information is also included on our site. Schultis and Son, Inc. was the first auction and real estate company in the area to offer a website, computerized clerking, and other technologically advanced programs.


When thinking of buying or selling real estate, farm or industrial equipment, or household items; contact the most experienced and respected firm in southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas.





Aaron Schultis – President & CEO, Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, & Auction Manager

Cellular Phone: 402-300-0316



Aaron Schultis, President & CEO of Schultis and Son, Inc. is a 1985 graduate of Reisch Auction College, has been a real estate Salesperson since 1986, an Associate Broker since 1992, and a Farm Manager since 2011.  He is a consistent multi-million dollar producer and has witnessed every real estate market condition.  This experience is invaluable and has provided him with knowledge of the market, trends, and expectations.  Aaron has the ability and understanding to help clients accomplish their goals.


Aaron utilizes the latest technology and employs these techniques and tools to market your property.  He was the first area agent with a website and is a forward thinking individual who is always seeking to discover new and innovative ways to improve the buying and selling processes.


Aaron prides himself on making your transaction a smooth and efficient one and continues to build his reputation by providing personalized customer service.  His honesty and integrity coupled with professionalism make buying or selling your real estate the enjoyable experience it should be.


In addition, Aaron also offers full-service farm management and would welcome the opportunity to visit with farm owners to see how his services would increase their bottom line.  In the current ag economy, a farm owner must have a constant finger on the pulse of agriculture or have access to someone that does.  He may be able to increase your income from your ag land holdings while still caring for and protecting it.  His ag roots run deep as he was born and raised on the family farm and farmed for several years before retiring to devote his time to the real estate and auction business.  If you have any questions about the services he provides or would like for him to review your current lease with no obligation, please contact him.  His goal is to take the anxiety out of ag leases by providing clear communication between the tenant and landlord and to get you the maximum return on your investment in agricultural land.



Justin Schultis-  Realtor, Auctioneer, Property Manager, & Personal Property Appraiser

Cellular Phone: 402-300-1230



2013 Kansas Auctioneer Champion

2012 Nebraska Ringman Champion

2010 Nebraska Auctioneer Champion

2009 International Junior Auctioneer Champion


Justin Schultis is Aaron’s son and Wayne's grandson. Justin began his auctioneering career at the age of 13. As the story goes, Justin was at an auction with his dad when Aaron took a short break and asked Justin to hold his microphone for him. Aaron returned a few minutes later. He was proud and amazed to discover that Justin was calling bids on his own. Justin had never had any experience prior to this event, but it was clear to everyone who heard him calling bids that day that he was a natural. Justin's career marks the fourth generation of Schultis men to be a real estate agent and auctioneer for Schultis and Son, Inc!


In the years that Justin has been working as an auctioneer, he has become a crowd favorite. Justin has worked for worked charity auctions for Larry The Cable Guy and Kansas City Royal’s Alex Gordon.  He is also asked to perform numerous charity auction events including several American Cancer Society/Lincoln Stars Hockey Auctions, Fairbury American Cancer Society, Lincoln American Cancer Society, and various local charities and fundraising auctions.


Justin has also won numerous awards for his bid calling abilities.  He won the 2007 Nebraska Junior Auctioneer Championship, 2009 International Junior Auctioneer Championship, 2010 Nebraska Auctioneering Championship, 2012 Nebraska Ringman Championship, and the 2013 Kansas Auctioneering Championship.  He is a member of the Nebraska and Kansas Auctioneers Associations as well as the National Auctioneers Association. 


At the age of 19, Justin received his Nebraska real estate license while attending college.  He attended Southeast Community College where he earned an Associate's Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Focus.  He has since received his Kansas real estate license and conducts business in both Nebraska and Kansas.  Justin is a member of the Tri-County Board of Realtors and a member of the National Association of Realtors.


With his experience as an auctioneer since 2004 and as a real estate agent since 2010, let Justin go to work for you to sell your land, home, or whatever asset you would like to sell!



Adam Schultis – Auctioneer

Adam is the son of Aaron & Lisa and is another 4th generation auctioneer for Schultis & Son, Inc.!  He began working auctions while in high school.  He is a June 2019 graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering and conducted his first auction on August 10th, 2019.  Adam is currently a full time student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.


Lisa Schultis – Auction Clerk/Cashier

Lisa currently assists with auction clerking and cashiering for our auctions. 


Jessa Schultis – Auction Clerk/Cashier                                                                                   

Jessa is attending law school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and assists as an auction clerk/cashier. 


Katie Schultis – Auction Clerk/Cashier                                                                                  

Katie is attending the University of Nebraska-Kearney and assists as an auction clerk/cashier.


Bill Scheele – Auction Support Staff                                                                                          

Bill provides auction day support.  He has been with Schultis & Son, Inc. since the mid 1980’s.


Mark Lewien – Auction Support Staff/Logistics                                                                   

Mark leads our logistics team providing auction set up.  He also is support staff on auction day.


Mike Lewien – Auction Support Staff/Logistics                                                                     

Mike assists our logistics team providing auction set up.  He also is support staff on auction day.


Ed Jaros – Auction Support Staff                                                                                               

Ed provides auction day support.


Deb Jaros – Auction Support Staff                                                                                            

Deb assists with cataloging online auctions and checkout as well as providing a variety of auction day assistance.


Vicki Schmidt – Auction Support Staff  Vicki assists with cataloging online auctions and checkout.


Wayne Schultis – Retired/Of Counsel  

Wayne Schultis, President and CEO of Schultis and Son, Inc. Real Estate and Auction Service is a 1964 graduate of Reisch Auction School.  This, however, was not the beginning of his career.  Wayne began bid calling when he was just 8 years old, skipping school to attend auctions with his father, Irvin.  Wayne has a wealth of experience and has witnessed many changes in the real estate and auction industries during his vast career.


Wayne holds a degree in Business Administration and is a licensed Broker in both Nebraska and Kansas.  He is a member of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association and has served on the Board of Directors.  He is a member of Faith Lutheran Church, serves on the City Power Board, and was a member of the National Guard.  Wayne has also donated countless hours for individual benefits as well as various community auctions that have raised millions of dollars for several worth-while programs and projects.


One of the most prestigious accomplishments in the auction industry is to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame.  Wayne's father, Irvin, was inducted in to the Nebraska Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame in 2002 and in 2011 Wayne was also inducted.


Wayne’s areas of interest and expertise include farm real estate and auctions of all types.  Wayne and his wife of over 50 years, Linda, reside in Fairbury, Nebraska.  They have two children, Aaron and Amy.  Amy resides with her husband, Mike, in Fremont, Nebraska.